Kerala State Syllabus Plus One Music Textbook PDF Download

Download the Kerala state syllabus (SCERT) Plus One Music textbook below. This book is published by the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) which is an autonomous body under the government of Kerala. 

The books here are the latest edition (2020-21 edition).

Kerala syllabus Plus One Music textbook PDF download:

Contents of Kerala Plus One Music textbook

The textbook of Music for class XI (Kerala syllabus) contains the following units:

Part-I : Theory of Music

  • Unit-1: Introduction to Music
  • Unit-2: Indian Music
  • Unit-3: Melakarta Scheme
  • Unit-4: Tala
  • Unit-5: Musical forms
  • Unit-6: Composers
  • Unit-7: Musicography or Notation

Part-II : Practical Music

  • Unit-1: Preliminary Lessons – 1
  • Unit-2: Preliminary Lessons – 2
  • Unit-3: Musical forms – 3
  • Appendix-1 (Scheme & Syllabus)
  • Appendix-2 (Model Question Paper)
  • Appendix-3 (Musical Instruments)

Music is one of the most highly cultivated Indian arts and the most complete expression of the soul of India. It encompasses a vast world of instruments, forms, performers, and principles and history in the religious, folk, tribal, ‘hybrid’, film-dance-theatre, and classical traditions. This textbook tries to strike the right balance between musical training and education, between the acquisition of skills, techniques, and knowledge about music set against the need for aesthetic experience, creative endeavor, and personal response.

The textbook of Music was prepared by a team of practicing musicians and teachers. They have tried to incorporate into the book many facets of music such as listening, responding, appraising, composing, and performing, employing the techniques of improvisation, discussion, and reflection.

You can also download the textbook from Kerala SCERT official website Samagra.

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