Kerala State Syllabus Plus One Philosophy Textbook PDF Download

Download the Kerala state syllabus (SCERT) Plus One Philosophy textbook below. This book is published by the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) which is an autonomous body under the government of Kerala. 

The books here are the latest edition (2020-21 edition).

Kerala syllabus Plus One Philosophy textbook PDF download:

Contents of Kerala Plus One Philosophy textbook

The syllabus for Kerala Class XI Philosophy contains a total of 10 chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – Introducing Logic
  • Chapter 2 – Proposition
  • Chapter 3 – Inference
  • Chapter 4 – Syllogism
  • Chapter 5 – Observation And Experiment
  • Chapter 6 – Scientific Method
  • Chapter 7 – Causality
  • Chapter 8 – Hypothesis
  • Chapter 9 – Symbolic Logic
  • Chapter 10 – The Logic of Research

The textbook of Philosophy for plus one is prepared with maximum care so as to generate the targeted learning outcomes. This textbook focuses on logic, which provides the axiomatic framework for determining truth/falsity in all realms of human knowledge. It helps to comprehend the structure of human thought in its dynamic contexts of analysis and argumentation. Though originally a contribution of philosophers; the logical concern is recognized today as the inevitable component of all intellectual enterprises that invite keen analysis of the verbal expression of judgments, hypotheses, and theories.

You can also download the textbook from Kerala SCERT official website Samagra.

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