Kerala State Syllabus Plus One Psychology Textbook PDF Download

Download Kerala state syllabus Plus One Psychology (NCERT) textbook below. This book is published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), a government organization that is set up to assist the qualitative improvement in school education in India. The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Kerala has adapted this textbook for the Kerala Class XI Psychology syllabus.

The books here are the latest edition (2020-21 edition).

Kerala syllabus Plus One Psychology textbook PDF download:

Contents of Kerala Plus One Psychology textbook

  • Chapter 1 – What is Psychology?
  • Chapter 2 – Methods of Enquiry in Psychology
  • Chapter 3 – The Bases of Human Behaviour
  • Chapter 4 – Human Development
  • Chapter 5 – Sensory, Attentional and Perceptual Processes
  • Chapter 6 – Learning
  • Chapter 7 – Human Memory
  • Chapter 8 – Thinking
  • Chapter 9 – Motivation and Emotion

The Psychology textbook for Class XI is activity-based, process-oriented, and learner-centered. The book introduces the nature and role of psychology in understanding mind and behavior. It helps to know the different fields of psychology and its relationship with other disciplines and professions. It helps the learners to understand themself and others better by appreciating the value of psychology in daily life.

You can also download the textbook from Kerala SCERT official website Samagra.

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