Kerala State Syllabus Plus One Anthropology Textbook PDF Download

Download the Kerala state syllabus (SCERT) Plus One Anthropology textbook below. This book is published by the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) which is an autonomous body under the government of Kerala. 

The books here are the latest edition.

Kerala syllabus Plus One Anthropology textbook PDF download:

Contents of Kerala Plus One Anthropology textbook

Kerala state syllabus Plus One (Class 11) Anthropology Syllabus:

  • Unit 1 – Introducing Anthropology
  • Unit 2 – Basics of Social Cultural Anthropology
  • Unit 3 – Basics of Biological Anthropology
  • Unit 4 – Basics of Archaeological Anthropology
  • Unit 5 – Basics of Linguistic Anthropology
  • Unit 6 – Marriage, Family and Kinship
  • Unit 7 – Political Organisation
  • Unit 8 – Economic Organisation
  • Unit 9 – Religious Organisation
  • Unit 10 – Folkloristic Anthropology

The textbook of Anthropology for Class XI is developed on the basis of the Revised Curriculum introduced in the state of Kerala.  Anthropology is a relatively recent discipline. It is a growing science that aims to make a difference in the world by dealing with humans in all places and at all times. It is generally considered as “the most scientific of the Humanities, the most humanist of Sciences”. Anthropology is in search of humans and it documents human life through fieldwork. Hence, every part of the world that has ever had a human population is the field – the laboratory – of anthropologists. It teaches a great lesson to humanity that, in a multicultural setting, the lifestyle of other people that appear offensive to us may be their adaptations to a particular environment. Thus anthropology helps people to be more tolerant by taking a culturally relativistic viewpoint rather than an ethnocentric outlook.

The SCERT textbooks are developed in a series of workshops organized by the SCERT in which a team of teachers from various Higher Secondary Schools, Colleges, and Universities was involved.

You can also download the textbook from Kerala SCERT official website Samagra.

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