Kerala State Syllabus Plus One Computer Science Textbook PDF Download

Download the Kerala state syllabus (SCERT) Plus One Computer Science textbook below. These books are published by the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) which is an autonomous body under the government of Kerala. 

The books here are the latest edition.

Kerala syllabus Plus One Computer Science textbook PDF download:

Contents of Kerala Plus One Computer Science textbook

Kerala state syllabus Plus One (Class 11) Computer Science Syllabus is covered in two textbooks:

Part 1

  • Unit 1 – The Discipline of Computing
  • Unit 2 – Data Representation and Boolean Algebra
  • Unit 3 – Components of the Computer System
  • Unit 4 – Principles of Programming and Problem Solving
  • Unit 5 – Introduction to C++ Programming
  • Unit 6 – Data Types and Operators

Part 2

  • Unit 7 – Control Statements
  • Unit 8 – Arrays
  • Unit 9 – String Handling and I/O Functions
  • Unit 10 – Functions
  • Unit 11 – Computer Networks
  • Unit 12 – Internet and Mobile Computing

Computer Science is a subject having the utmost contemporary relevance that needs continuous updating. The textbook of Computer Science for higher secondary includes the constant and remarkable developments in the field of computing as well as the endless opportunities of research in the field of Computer Science
and technology. This textbook begins with the historical developments in computing and familiarises the learner with the latest technological advancements in the field of computer hardware, software, and network. The advancements in computer networks, Internet technology, wireless and mobile communication are also dealt with extensively in the content. In addition to familiarising various services over the Internet, the need to be concerned about the factors that harness morality and the awareness to refrain from cybersecurity threats are also highlighted.
The textbook also establishes a strong foundation to construct and enhance the problem solving and programming skills of the learner. The multi-paradigm programming language C++ is presented to develop programs which enable computers to manage different real-life applications effectively. The concepts and constructs of the principles of programming are introduced in such a way that the learner can grasp the logic and implementation methods easily.

The SCERT textbooks are developed in a series of workshops organized by the SCERT in which a team of teachers from various Higher Secondary Schools, Colleges, and Universities was involved.

You can also download the textbook from Kerala SCERT official website Samagra.

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