Kerala State Syllabus Plus One Islamic History Textbook PDF Download

Download the Kerala state syllabus (SCERT) Plus One Islamic History textbook below. These books are published by the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) which is an autonomous body under the government of Kerala. 

The books here are the latest edition (2020-21 edition).

Kerala syllabus Plus One Malayalam textbook PDF download:

Contents of Kerala Plus One Islamic History textbook

Kerala state syllabus Plus One (Class 11) Islamic History Syllabus:

  • 1. Introduction to Islamic History and Culture
  • 2. Arabia: The Cradle of Islam
  • 3. The Prophetic Period: Makkah
  • 4. The Prophetic Period: Madina
  • 5. The Khilafat (632-661 C.E.)
  • 6. The Umayyads
  • 7. The Advent of Islam in Kerala

The Islamic History textbook for Class XI is developed on the basis of
the Revised Curriculum introduced in the state of Kerala.
History is the analysis and interpretation of the past that enables us to take effective decisions in the future. The learning of history is fundamental to the growth and development of the culture and civilization of any country. The textbook of Islamic History and Culture deals with the history of Islamic people from pre- prophetic period to the present. It also outlines the significant contributions of Muslims to the fields of art, literature, architecture, mathematics, painting, music, etc. The study of Islamic history and culture will be helpful to develop an insight into the history of a glorious period that spans more than 1500 years.

The SCERT textbooks are developed in a series of workshops organized by the SCERT in which a team of teachers from various Higher Secondary Schools, Colleges, and Universities was involved.

You can also download the textbook from Kerala SCERT official website Samagra.

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